Dodge’s engineers are pretty close to finish their peace of art and one of the most attractive Dodge models. We are talking about amazing 2016 Dodge Magnum.

Exterior and interior design

Dodge Magnum is a model that appeared for the first time in 2005. The current model (its predecessor) has been revealed in 2008. Now, Dodge’s engineers have decided to put a lot of patience and effort to make one of the most desirable 2016 model year vehicles. The new 2016 Dodge Magnum will bring many incredible changes, new lines and touches. New model will be a bit lower than the previous one. It will be also and sleeker and very modern designed. One thing is for sure, the new Dodge Magnum will be more than just attractive. When it comes to the interior of this desirable vehicle, it is going to be equipped with the highest quality materials. These materials include leather upholstery, soft plastics and aluminum and chrome details. Beside these materials new Magnum will bring more space inside the cabin, as well as  more cargo space. Rear seats will have the option to fold down and make even more free space. Technolgy and safety features will be also on the highest level.

2016 dodge magnum interior

2016 Dodge Magnum powertrain

When it comes to the performances of the new model, it will be available in two trim levels: R/T and SRT. According to some sources under the hood of the 2016 Dodge Magnum we will see  the same engine as in its predecessor. In this case it is a 2.7-liter V6 power unit. We should expect that the current engine comes a bit improved, and that it will gain more than 178 horsepower (the current output).

2016 dodge magnum front

Release date and price

It is still unknown when the new 2016 Dodge Magnum is going to debut. According to some rumors, the price of this attractive high-speed vehicle should be around $20,000.

2016 dodge magnum side

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