In 2016 model year Toyota Company is bringing one of the most beautiful and most handsome vehicles from sedan category and it is named 2016 Toyota Camry.

Design and changes

Toyota is one of the largest, if not the largest car manufacturer in the world. It produces nearly all types and categories of cars. This time we are going to talk about redesigned and new sedan which name is 2016 Toyota Camry. Beside of many new models for 2016, Toyota’s engineers have succeeded to make redesign of this adorable sedan. Through the years, this model has proved that it is very good family car as well as business one. Beside this, it is very compatible for open road driving as well as for the city crowds. New 2016 Toyota Camry should come with some great changes which will bring this model to perfection. First of all, new Camry should be few inches longer than its predecessor. This will have positive effect especially on the interior. With this change there will be even more space inside the cabin which will result with bigger comfort. New Camry should also come a bit lighter compared to the predecessor. The reason of this is the usage of lightweight materials. These materials are stronger and lighter and include aluminum, carbon dioxide fiber, some light steel and other. With lighter body, new sedan will improve handling and some other general performances. Also, with lighter body, vehicle will need less fuel so the fuel consumption will also be improved, which is very important nowadays. The most noticeable changes will be made on the front part of the vehicle. Fans and potential customers will be introduced with slightly redesigned front fenders, modified windshield, redesigned front grille and bumper and new headlights.  New front grille will be wider and it will have trapezoidal shape. This will give more modern and aggressive appearance to this vehicle. Headlights of 2016 Toyota Camry will also be more modern and it will be powered with the latest auto position daytime running LED lights. Front bumper will look more futuristic and modern.  As we have already said, new interior will be more spacious and comfortable. Interior of 2016 Toyota Camry will be fascinating, modern and luxurious. White color will be the primary and it will lift elegance of this interior on the higher level. Cabin has been projected with a lot of patience and effort and now it will be one of the most beautiful and best organized in its class. It will be equipped with the latest high quality materials. Interior of 2016 Toyota Camry will also consider a lot of the freshest technological and safety features from Toyota.

2016 toyota camry interior

2016 Toyota Camry engine options

When it comes to the performances of 2016 Toyota Camry, it will be powered with new and much better engine. New engine will be 2.5 liter four cylinder engine which is capable to produce around 178 horsepower. The engine will be paired with six speed automatic transmission. There are also speculations about 3.5 liter V6 engine as available engine too. We should be surprised to see a hybrid version of 2016 Toyota Camry.

2016 toyota camry side

Release date and expected price

It is expected that 2016 Toyota Camry appears sometime on the end of 2015. The price which customers will need to pay to own this beautiful modern sedan will be in range from 22,500 to 28,500 dollars.

2016 toyota camry rear

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